Last updated June 5, 2021

This is a complex issue, with many facets. At the heart of the issue is the destruction of the last remaining old growth forests in BC during a climate crisis, colonial resource hoarding, and colonial violence towards indigenous bodies.

The NDP made a 2020 election campaign promise to protect old growth, on recommendation of the Old Growth Strategic Review, and they have failed to keep that promise. 

Surrey logging company Teal Jones has gained a contract to log an area that includes the last 2.7% remaining old growth forests in British Columbia, and that has begun, on stolen land.

Many people (elders, land defenders, activists, legal observers, etc) have gone to Fairy Creek to stand in solidarity with these giants, and with the indigenous who defend their land.

Teal Jones filed an injunction and now the RCMP are utilizing illegal tactics (as they have done before, including arbitrary and illegal use of exclusion zones) to enforce the injunction. Millions of taxpayer dollars are being spent on daily RCMP fleets and helicopters. Additionally, the RCMP is preventing media (as well as legal observers) from access, including witnessing arrests. Newsroom leaders have now filed a case against the RCMP in the British Columbia Supreme Court.

Whats being protected is the cost-savings of a private corporation at the expense of ecology, biodiversity, climate integrity, justice, freedom of press, safety of peaceful protesters, and human rights.

Loggers are resisting the movement, on the (incorrect) basis that the blockades to prevent old growth logging are anti-logging. The movement has clearly stated that it is pro-logging, and indeed serves to foster sustainable logging that can offer long-term jobs for those in the sector. Loggers are staging counter-protests and blockades.

This is an ongoing battle, with tensions escalating. This derails the issue from those who are responsible, and those we need to call on to be accountable:

To John Horgan, BC's Premier, we are asking that you uphold your campaign promise, and the recommendation from the Old Growth Strategic Review and act now to protect what little old growth this province has left.

To Teal Jones, we are asking that you implement and enact a sustainable logging strategy that does not include harvesting irreplaceable old growth that is essential to biodiversity, ecology, and climate stability.

To the RCMP, we are asking that you operate legally and justly, and do so without asserting dominance or colonial violence over indigenous bodies.

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