There is no right or wrong here. You can show up with zero prep and a good photographer will make you look great. You will look like you, after all! However, if you like being prepared or aren't sure what's in store, try looking up some portraits in your style (aka "corporate headshots" or "dating profile pics") to get a feel for what you like and what you want to convey. Note what poses, expressions, backdrops and style choices appeal to you and the image you'd like to project to the world. Do you like a casual feel or commanding and professional? Do you want to show your personal side, be unique, or

What should I wear?

Wear something you're comfortable in, so that you feel your most "you." The key is to wear something that shows your personality without being so bold that it will dominate the photo.

For headshots: dress like you would if meeting a new client or going for a job interview.

For lifestyle photos: dress like you would for a first date (think: your most flattering outfit).


  • consider getting your hair and/or makeup done
  • consider a hydrating face and/or hair mask the night before
  • pay extra attention to hygiene (flossed teeth, clean shave, etc.)
  • practice your smile in the mirror a few times (nothing crazy, just 5 mins)


  • large prints / words
  • shiny materials
  • colours that show your fur babies' fur and lint (like black)
  • anything you don't feel comfortable in