Branding photography is a photoshoot or series of photoshoots that enable to you showcase what it is that your business offers, in line with your businesses values and aesthetic. This can be accumulated over time from a variety of shoots, or one comprehensive shoot (or a mixture of both).

I would recommend a larger shoot up front to get you going and give you variety, and then moving to a shorter-shoot format or subscription to get fresh and updated content over time.

Working with a photographer who specializes in branding will mean that they will cover the relevant types of shots. Those should cover a variety of the following:

  • Headshot
  • Lifestyle photos of you
  • Images if you in your professional environment
  • Close-ups that show you doing your work or details from your office


Headshots are the simplest way to update your image and have something professional on hand when you need it. They should be updated every 2 years at minimum, or every time you change your appearance (ie new hairstyle colour or length, new facial hair, etc.).


These showcase your lighter side and personality. Examples include photos of you doing your favourite activity, you walking your dog, you laughing and smiling.

For use in:

  • Your about page
  • Marketing materials