Welcome to your personalized photo services page! These are my photoshoot suggestions based on your current website and branding, but I can create a plan that incorporates any type of promotional photos you'd like to create for your business.

As an example package, I could do a thorough brand shoot of the shop, an action shoot for some enticing adventure images, headshots of the staff, and a group shot of the team.

*I recognize that your shop is very busy, and I'm happy to spread the shoots over multiple days and fly under the radar so business can carry on as usual.


Your brand is about more than logos and fonts. Put your best foot forward by making a personable and professional visual impression. These are the close-ups of hands working; a wide shot of the garage; photos of signage. For website and marketing use.

starting at $400


Show off your team with a group shot or individual headshots. Your headshots should represent the current you, and can be used across platforms like your phone contact, company email, personal email, website 'about' page, social media, etc.

Package pricing available

“Shannon Heather is a phenomenal photographer with an innate creative ability to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and therefore take the most real and compelling images. Shannon is the best choice for your next project.”

--Ryan S. Yedersberger, Creative Director of Stealth Web Designs


Imagine photos of trucks spitting up dirt, head beams in the rain... These photos would add character to any promotion, and appeal to the adventure crowd.

Starting at $400

"Incredibly efficient and with great direction, Shannon is very easy going but not afraid to take charge. She's willing to take creative risks and experiment while getting a great variety of photos, in credit to her years of experience and comfortability behind the camera. As a band, it's important to come away with a great promotional photo for press and Shannon found the perfect balance between interesting, unique & classic shots. It was a pleasure to work with her; we are very happy with the final product!" 

--Elsa Gebremichael of We Were Lovers

"Shannon was excellent to work with. We had a fantastic time throughout the entire day with the comfort of knowing we could place our trust in Shannon's judgement, experience and abilities. This especially proved true when we were able to see the finished result. Shannon does not just strive to meet your demands, she makes an effort to understand them and work with you in order to create a solution that is better than what you originally asked for."

--Chris Daviduk of Sexy Mathematics