The story of a photographer

Born in the prairies and raised in the mountains, Shannon is a Canadian photographer who’s lived and worked in France, Spain, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and from a ship in the Caribbean. 

Shannon studied photography for nine years of her academic career. Guided by a deep interest in humanity and culture, she turned her attention to anthropology in order to enhance her photographic practice. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology with a Photography minor at Concordia University in Montreal, QC, and holds a Diploma of Fine Arts from the Okanagan University College in Kelowna, BC.

Her work in photojournalism spans fourteen years and includes publications such as VICE, Rolling Stone and Future Music Magazine. Shannon’s favourite style to shoot is documentary, capturing the immensely rich myriad of life as it unfolds, unadulterated. Her work has touched on themes of culture, political issues, seduction, destruction, degeneration, and land use.

Shannon is currently living and working out of Squamish, BC.

Photo by Jason Brinkman


The Karpinka Brothers

“Shannon is part of our dream team. She's as valued and important as our band mates. She's a visionary, and an artist. Her care shows in every photo. It's a blessing to work with her.”

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